Inspiration Pad: Lined Notebook for Thinking Outside the Box

Made for those who like to color outside lines and jot outside boxes, each page of this bound pad provides a unique source of inspiration and different framework for drawing, sketching and writing out ideas.

inspiration pad detail

inspiration pad shifty

Available from tmsprl, the minimalist brown-bound notebooks show traditional lines on the front and back but playing on and warping the horizontal blue-on-white (with red verticals) convention within.

inspiration pad building angle

inspiration pad geographic contours

inspiration pad thick lines

Some pages sport twisting topographic lines while others thin, thicken, curl, loop, twist and spiral, encouraging the user to put pencil or pen to paper in different ways throughout.

inspiration pad cover

inspiration pad lined up

inspiraiton pad trending curve

inspiration pad stair steps

inspiration pad wavy blue

The deeper you delve the more surprises you find, starting with upward-swooping lines and culminating in crazy abstract patterns and strangely whimsical shapes.

inspiration pad infinity symbol

inspiration pad outward spiral

inspiration pad wrapped swirl

inspiration pad back cover

A few notes from its creator: “If you’re in search of inspiration, this notepad might help. Second edition. 48 pages, dimensions 165 x 210 mm, softcover. Printed on sustainable paper in Belgium.”