Shadow Text Street Art by DAKU Bears a Shakespearian Message

Indian street artist DAKU brings one of his signature text-based shadow installations to Las Vegas for the Life is Beautiful Festival 2019, using a Shakespeare quote to ruminate on the passage of time. Placed upon on the facade of a former bookstore on Fremont Street, the piece reads “very slow for those who wait, very fast for those who are scared, very long for those who lament, very short for those who celebrate.”

The installation is invisible at night, appearing in sharp italics as the sun rises and best viewed when it’s directly overhead. Created in collaboration with global creative house justkids, the piece is a continuation of DAKU’s “Time Changes Everything” series.

Previously, the artist has suspended text over pedestrian streets in Goa and spelled out a series of words on a building facade in the first dedicated public art district in India. Check out more of his work on Instagram @daku156.