Invisible Tree: Trunk Wrapped & Camouflaged to Float on Air

invisible tree painting process

A simple illusion with so much potential – wrap an object, paint the wrapping plastic and presto, a central section appears to disappear before your eyes.

invisble tree floating effect

In the the case of this collaboration between street artists Daniel Siering and Mario Shu, it would seem the trick only works from one perspective. Still, in a consistent landscape, the effect could work in potentially all directions.

invisible tree wrap illusion

The only problem one might worry about in the case of this roadside attraction is the impact on surprised drivers doing a double-take as they pass by.

invisible tree art installation

invisible tree material wrapping

Working in a similar vein, another artistic duo (Joakim Kaminsky and Maria Poll) installed Clear Cut in the Medelpad, Sweden.

invisble tree forest series

They circled trees with mirrored material to create a less-consistent but still-impressive and (in this instance) fully-circular effect.