Scary Scaffolding: 24 Dangerous Construction Sites

Scaffolding is a huge part of any renovation or construction project. Thankfully, there are strict safety guidelines to ensure a stable platform for construction workers who have to traverse the maze of pipes and rails that make up any scaffolding project. Unfortunately, not every country (or job site) follows the rules… This can, unfortunately, cause injuries that can cause a lot of harm. If you have been hurt on a construction site because they aren’t following guidelines then you may want to contact a lawyer to see if you can get compensation. As funny as these scaffolding fails are, they are very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs!

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Some things are great to do DIY, but scaffolding is not. These construction projects are balanced on equal parts hope and recklessness. Piling the contents of your garage into a tower does not constitute a scaffold.

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Some countries have less standards for scaffold safety. In the US, rails are required, along with a specific set of tested materials that are known to be able to withstand the required forces. Many other countries simply lash bamboo poles together (a surprisingly strong material) and then allow construction workers to clamber to dizzying heights.

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When construction companies tackle huge projects, that scaffolding can get out of control. These job sites look like mini scaffold cities, a giant pincushion encapsulating towers of stone and allowing workers to “safely” reach every nook and cranny.

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When construction work is done in some countries, their platforms look more like an improvised gridwork/ladder than the carefully structured scaffold work found in US cities. While there is something cool about crawling up and down a latticework to do construction work, it’s not as cool when workers slip.

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When one is sick of sitting in a cubicle, it’s important to remember that some workers would love to have their feet planted on solid ground.

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Poor scaffolding is not simply a foreign problem. Whenever homeowners decide to take construction projects into their own hands, things can get quite messy. Unstable contraptions held together with a few stray nails are not what most people would like to work on.