Elastic Living: Sliding Shelves Hide Modular Rooms

Modular Shelf Compact Living Rooms 1
Does maintaining a sizable amount of your living space for a single purpose that’s only required for a short period each day really make sense? What if you could simply switch out the function? ‘Elastic Living’ by Italian furniture maker CLEI makes it possible to do just that with sliding shelving units for different purposes that can be moved out of the way when you don’t need them.

Modular Shelf Compact Living Rooms 2
Modular Shelf Compact Living Rooms 4

The modular spaces all fit together into one big rectangular box when not in use. Need the kitchen? Slide it out, cook, and then put it back up when you’re done. The same goes for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, home office, gym and closets.
Modular Shelf Compact Living Rooms 5

Inspired by library wall racks, the series contains seven different room functions that can easily be ‘filed away.’ It’s meant for a large, open space, like a loft or warehouse, and would be less practical for a home that’s already divided into different rooms.

Modular Shelf Compact Living Rooms 3

CLEI is known for transformable furniture that fits lots of function into tight spaces. See more compact, modular furniture including 10 pieces of clever transforming furniture and mini, mobile kitchens.