Architect Overboard: Rusted Ship Hull Flipped into Arts Pavilion

Cut from a massive decaying sea vessel, this hollowed-out section of hull has been transformed into a seating and performance space outside of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in South Korea.

rusted pavillion space

rusted gutted sea vessel

Located in Seoul, the Temp’L features an original corroding exterior that contrasts with its freshly-painted white interior and an array of greenery adorning it inside and out.

rusted museum seoul

A balcony and spiral staircase let visitors wind their way up inside this partial shell of the old ship, making their way to a semi-enclosed alcove shrouded by trees.

rusted old and new

The red-and-white theme plays off of concrete and brick on the adjacent museum building while the shape and texture set it starkly apart.

rusted exterior display

“Any great cultural vestiges can lose their function,” says Shinslab Architecture. “In the same way, a material can also lose its original value over time.”

rusted trees interior

“The fact that the destiny of cultural relics is to be dismantled, should make us reflect upon what we need to consider for future generations.”

rusted visitors

rusted entryeway

Temp’L is designed from recycled steel parts from an old ship. It shows not only a beauty of structure, but it has also a recycling purpose…It provokes thought about beauty in our time, coming from a recent past.”