Bunyan’s Pride: 19 Log Cabins That Stack Above The Rest

The typical rectangular cabin plopped in the middle of the woods is no longer the standard, as homeowners get increasingly creative with rustic housing, the designs are becoming larger than life.

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Cabin GJ-9 is a slick prototype created by Gudmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor, a Norway based firm. Finne architects adds a twist to the typical cabin with this house that takes full advantage of the privacy afforded by dense woods, by having walls made of glass. Danish Dorte Mandrup created this 10 square room that is more an outside reading nook than anything else. Olson Kundig architects created this gorgeous, and huge, “cabin” that is about as far from the typical log design as one can get. Any fan of the Lord of the Rings, and Hobbits in general, will get a kick of this rounded doorway, that makes this cabin feel like a hidden hideaway.

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AATA Architecture created the Morevara cabin, a modern twist on an old classic. This second cabin utilizes a unique layout that allowed them to keep a trunk of a tree emerging through their kitchen counter, truly adding to the natural aesthetic. Chalet Cyanella is located in the French Alps and gives a glimpse of a modern interior that contrasts sharply with the natural panorama outside. Lastly, we have a house in Seattle that literally escapes to the treetops to separate itself from urban sprawl.

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WRB in Sweden created the top cabin, which actually has a gorgeous seaside view. The clean lines make it look more like an artistic statement than a vacation home. Piet Ein Heek created this log box room, which can shutter itself up and look like a pile of sticks. More images are available here. Studio Aisslinger created this Berlin cabin that looks caged, yet open, and has an incredibly distinctive design. OLGGA came up with this portable log cabin, which looks rustic on 3 sides, and hides a sleek, modern interior.

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Log cabins don’t have to be small huts in the woods. This giant edifice is one of the most epic cabin examples, as it looks more like an ancient Viking hall than anything else. A grand fireplace with hewn logs supporting the interior structure lend a rustic atmosphere to the interior. The third example shows a more modern, yet equally large, take on the fireplace, with seating for at least a dozen around the fire. The bottom example is more like a log mansion, yet still manages to integrate aesthetically with the nature around it. Another example of a grand entrance, is followed by an interior example of a possible lobby for homes like this. Large logs, leather, stone, and fire all combine to make any log cabin feel traditional, regardless of the size.