Funky Furnitures: 142 Creative Modern Furniture Designs

We sit on it during the day, sleep on it at night, eat off it and even look at our reflection in it – but how much thought do we really give our functional and space-saving furniture and the rooms we have full of it? Some designers have gone to great lengths to get us to view even the most mundane pieces of furniture in a new and different light. From creative transformable, collapsible and comfortable designs to incredible flat-packfunky and futuristic ones here are one hundred and forty-two furniture innovations that will at least turn heads.

18 Brilliant and Bizarre Modern Bed Designs

We spend a third of our lives in them so why not make our beds the center of attention, the most marvelous, strange and sensational pieces of furniture we own? These brilliant bed designs range from stylishly innovative to sensuously colorful with just a bit of bedroom humor in between. From mouse-trap beds to carefully crafted super-plush sleepers here are eighteen beds that take comfort and(/or) creativity to new levels. Click Here for More Bizarre and Brilliant Beds

20 Uncomfortably Cool Contemporary Chair Designs

We drag them around the room, sit on them on and off throughout ever day, but rarely see them as more than utilitarian seats.  Some designers have overcome against the age-old functional chair stereotype with their seductive and surrealist creations. From form-fitting masterpieces to overtly anthropomorphic molds here are twenty curiously offbeat chairs. Click Here for More Crazy and Comfy Chairs

16 Marvelous Modern Table Designs

They sit at the center of rooms and are the focal points of meals and other gatherings but all too often they are simple rectangles. Some tables break from tradition and stand out as centerpieces in their own right without need for further decoration.  From the blood-dripping hover-table to the self-defense bat-and-shield convert-a-table here are sixteen terrific and terrifying table designs that should come with warning signs. Click Here for More Dazzling and Disturbing Tables

24 Crazy Contemporary Clock Designs

We all know time is relative, but what about the design of things that keep our time? There is nothing set in stone that says we have to count every hour, second and minute on the face of every time piece. Some of these tell time in partial or otherwise unusual ways. From clocks that give colloquial approximations in place of units to ones you almost can’t tell time from at all here is a clock example for every hour of the day. Click Here for More Crazy and Creative Clocks

18 Wonderful Ways to Hang your Hat or Coat

Most of the time they are partly or entirely covered but, but coat and hat racks are also often the first things that people see when they come into your home – so why not have a little fun with them? From artfully crafted and intricately patterned hat racks to obnoxiously creative and over-the-top-coat racks here are eighteen odd designs to hang your hat on. Click Here for More Crazy Coat and Hat Racks

16 Mesmerizing Mirrors with Radical Reflections

Back beyond the times of fairy tales and into the mirrors of narcissus man has been staring at his reflection since time out of mind in one thing or another. Some mirror designs, however, break free of the rectangular frame tradition and take on an artful life of their own while still serving an essential purpose in our everyday lives. These sixteen are no exception. Click Here for more Mesmerizing Modern Mirrors

15 Spectacular Home Storage Solutions

Just because we use them for storage does not mean that shelves, drawers and dressers can’t be as interesting as anything else we have inside our homes. Some of these defy gravity while others play with roles of form and function. From a grenade-shaped dresser to a floating stacked set of drawers here are fifteen pieces you won’t find at most furniture stores. Click Here for More Spectacular Drawers and Dressers

16 Sweet Modern Sink and Wash Basin Designs

Sinks are places most people spend more time than they realize – and doing fairly essential tasks no less, from shaving to hand washing. Why should a sink be any more bare-bones than anything else in your house? Some of these sinks serve functions you may have never known you needed (and might not) while others look just, well, awesome. From aesthetically abstract to actually articulating here are sixteen strange sink designs. Click Here for More Sweet Sinks and Wash Basins

BONUS: 15 Wonderful and Wacky Wallpaper Designs

From pixelated patterns to paper money there are many ways to deck your walls and halls but these strange and offbeat wallpaper designs take the cake for creativity. Some light to the touch, turn color or even contain speakers and sensors to create a fully interactive wallpaper experience. Click Here for the Full Collection of Wonderful and Wacky Wallpaper Designs and be sure to check out these rooms full of exotic and innovative modern furniture as well as these creative transforming, collapsing, recycled and otherwise offbeat furniture.