Complete Series: 90 Awesome Modern Furniture Designs

In a world where most people move into spaces that were designed by and for someone else furniture becomes a way in which we can customize places to suit our needs, lifestyle and aesthetic attitudes. If you want something comfortable and conventional you might want to look elsewhere. If you are looking for bold, creative and possibly somewhat crazy modern furniture designs you are in the right place. From dozens of designers here are ninety urban furniture designs that are bound to turn heads at any dinner party. (Also Click Here for Another 142 Amazingly Creative Modern Furniture Designs)

1) Creatively Bizarre Bedroom Furniture Designs

If you think about it you will spend about one third of your life in the bedroom – that’s a lot of time for a little space so you might want to make the most of it. From mouse-trap beds to self-defense night stands here are eight pieces of furniture no bizarre bedroom should be without. ost of us will spend approximately one-third of our lives in the bedroom.

2) Laughably Strange Living Room Furniture

The living room is the heart and soul of most houses, the place where people gather to chat, chill and have fun. Whether you want to fill that space with sheep-head sofas or geeky Nintendo game controller-styled tables, decorating your living room can make all kinds of statements about your priorities, who you are and what you like to do in your free time.

3) Multifunctionally Offbeat Office Furniture

What better place to make a statement than in what might otherwise be a boring, cramped and ugly cubicle? Sure, you are supposed to be doing work but the chances are you spend a decent amount of time reading about things like awesome office furniture online instead. From desks that exercise you to the ultimate gamer console table, here are eight particularly awesome office furniture designs.

4) Downright Bizarre Dining Room Furniture

Did you know that the idea of a dedicated dining room is only a few centuries old? As a result a lot less time has gone into the development of dining room furniture until relatively recently. However, new designers are making up for lost time with all kinds of strange dining room furniture designs including strange space-saving strategies using transforming, collapsing and expanding furniture.

5) Inventively Kooky Kitchen Furniture

The kitchen is in many a place where innovation doesn’t come to mind for most people. What do you really need besides the basics anyway? A few audacious out-of-the box thinkers have come up with some truly inventive designs that question our basic conceptions about the kitchen by creating modular, multi-purpose and adjustable designs that fit needs you didn’t know you had.

6) Crafty to Creepy: Kids Furniture

There is no doubt that having kids changes the game furniture-wise – but it doesn’t have to mean the end of collecting absolutely awesome transforming, bizarre and otherwise engaging furniture. Quite the opposite in fact. From space shuttle beds to skyscraper dressers here are some pieces of kid furniture you will almost certainly wish they had around when you were a child.

7) Naturally Great Garden Furniture

When you run of of strange furniture to pack your house with what comes next? The garden is the next frontier, a place where you can commune with nature but also a place without necessarily a lot of space. These creative garden furniture designs provide unique ways to a naturalistic way of blurring the boundary between art, design and the environment.

8) Unconventional and Fun Outdoor Furniture

Of course not everyone wants to take the traditional route of blending their furniture in with nature – and this crazy outdoor furniture is the solution for those types. Some of this furniture transforms to create a variety of places within a small space while other pieces make incredibly strong (and relatively strange) statements with faux elegance that would make the French cry.

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