Text, Translated: 11 Nifty Lorem Ipsum Generators

If you’ve ever seen a mockup of a website, magazine, book or marketing pamphlet, you have undoubtedly encountered Lorem Ipsum. Meant to keep a viewer from getting distracted by reading the text on a page (which designers and publishers know we all do), the passage of garbled Latin words shows how a page will look with real words once completed. But far from being just a boring industry tool, Lorem Ipsum has somehow found its way into popular culture. Even people with no ties to publishing or designing can have fun playing around with dummy text. These generators give you certifiably nonsensical words to use however you please.

Not surprisingly, a number of Lorem Ipsum generators have popped up on the Internet. While they serve a rational purpose for web designers and other internet professionals, they’re also a lot of fun to play around with. The Gangsta Lorem Ipsum Generator is one of the wackiest examples. You can’t control the text or the length of the passages, but when you hit the “generate gangsta loremizzle my ippzle dummy text” button you’ll be treated to gems like “Lorizzle sheezy dolizzle boom shackalack amet, funky fresh yippiyo you son of a bizzle.”

Blippity Fling-Flang is, believe it or not, even more nonsensical than Gangsta Lorem Ipsum. This generator (designed by orange haired boy) lets you choose the number of paragraphs, the number of sentences in each and whether you want any of the words capitalized. As a bonus, you can also “Flangitize” any web page, turning the existing text into a mishmash of funny nonsense words.

Corporate Ipsum requires a download and is only available for Macs…but it generates the type of amusing corporate babble you would expect to see in a real corporate report. Useful for designers who create a lot of serious-looking projects for very serious companies, this generator actually makes just enough sense that you would be encouraged to read the whole text, thus defeating the whole purpose of dummy text.

Fillerati likewise steps outside the normal usage of dummy text by using actual paragraphs from classic books. Choose from a selection of seven authors and eight books, enter the format and number of paragraphs to generate, and the website gives you a block of text that you can’t help but read.

When your project requires a good amount of meat on its bones, the Bacon Ipsum generator has just what you’re looking for. The text it generates has everything to do with meat, meat, and more meat.

…But the Vegan Ipsum generator gives you nothing but the names of vegetables. Created as a meat-free alternative to Bacon Ipsum (by the creators of Bacon Ipsum), the veggie version takes a non-violent approach to odd nonsense text.

For web designers who want to test out their layouts without having to type a bunch of nonsense on their own, the HTML Ipsum Generator gives the code and the text to fill up a webpage instantly. Tables, lists, and even a “kitchen sink” block of code + text let you try out just about every aspect of your page’s appearance.

If traditional Lorem Ipsum just isn’t doing it for you but you aren’t ready to go for the meat-flavored variety just yet, Lorem Ipsum 2.0 gives you a novel change of pace. Enter any phrase and it will parse your chosen social networking site for related words. The resulting text is a rather interesting jumble of recent mentions and whatever words are found near those mentions.

Another example of normal-ish text generators is AdhesionText, a tool that gives you lots of choices to play around with. You can choose the characters you want to appear in your block of text along with plenty of other options, resulting in a totally customized set of “words.”

What if it isn’t dummy text you’re after, but dummy images? Lorempixel has you covered there with a free random image generator. You can choose the size, color/greyscale and theme of your placeholder images. Use them to figure out the layout of your webpage, then use one of the text generators here to give you some random text to go along with your random pictures…et voila, you’ve got a completely nonsensical website!

And finally, when you really need just the basics, this Lorem Ipsum generator gives you the vanilla version of the classic dummy text along with some very interesting Lorem Ipsum history. We love this tool for its simplicity and for its accurate English translation of the text on which Lorem Ipsum is based.