Abandoned Bridge Amphitheater Reclaims Urban Space

Abandoned Bridge Amphitheater 1

An abandoned, deteriorating bridge in the city of Kosice in Slovakia has been rehabbed and modified to serve as an amphitheater and public gathering space that glows in bright rainbow colors at night. The urban intervention was organized by Atrium Studio and Esterni as a temporary installation to reclaim this prominent disused space.

Abandoned Bridge Amphitheater 2

On one side of the bridge, a wooden framework was built that serves as a stage for concerts and performances. On the other, a wooden seating system makes the concrete surface more comfortable for those who come to enjoy the free public shows.

Abandoned Bridge Amphitheater 3

This project echoes many other urban interventions that seek to take the ownership of neglected or abandoned urban spaces into the hands of the people.

Abandoned Bridge Amphitheater 4

Urban interventions can be as subtle as adding eyeballs to mailboxes and other public objects, or as bold as repainting an entire abandoned church in shocking hues.