Aerial Rugs: Images from Above Converted to Carpet Patterns

aerial dimensional carpet design

Created by an architect and landscape enthusiast, this limited edition series of custom textiles derives its geometries and colors from aerial views shot around the world.

aerial landcarpet custom series

aerial urban suburban image

Florian Pucher, an Austrian designer now based in Beijing, has long traveled by day to take in as many sights from the sky as possible. Since 2007 he has collaborated with graphic designer Sophia Liu Bo to redraw and abstract images shot from above, turning them into unusual rugs using high-quality New Zealand wool.

aerial carpet close up

aerial carpet urban center

Each LANDCARPET creation is 1 of 88, signed and numbered in the spirit of traditional artistic prints.

aerial carpet with cow

aerial carpet cow scale

The subjects cover the globe, from Europe and the USA to Africa and Asia, urban settings to rural sites.

aerial carpet signed dated

aerial rug design detail

There is a rich variety from one to the next, showcasing an array of lines, curves, organic land forms, urban topographies, and other natural and man-made patterns and features.

aerial carpet city grid

aerial carpet grid pattenr

Each edition takes approximately five weeks to produce, combining real depth and hand-tufted textures.

aerial rug topographic detail

aerial rug colorful topography

The source images range from aerial photographs and satellite images to maps and other views from above. His work as an architect exposes Pucher to all kinds of site maps, master plans and other inspirational materials.