Social Media + Street Graffiti = Stenciled Signs of Our Times

social media child art

For better and worse, self-reflection and meta-art is an inevitable facet of the digital age – this artist recognizes the blurred lines between physical walls and their Facebook equivalents, commenting on our relationship to social media while making light of it as well.

social media text graffiti

social media selfie girl

social media hashtag reality

iHeart(StreetArt) is a street artist based in Vancouver whose creations span the spectrum from traditional tags and stencils to this series of works reflecting on our virtual lives and interactions, particularly how young people are raised in this strange new culture of communication.

social media wall post

social commentary ironic subject

social media download font

He variously uses, abuses, twists and repurposes elements of our wireless language, giving hashtags and message bubbles new meaning. While he is not alone in this pursuit of geek graffiti or in using street art for social commentary, his dark humor and unique style set him apart.

social stencil art design

social media blank fill

social media hashtag art

This is also only a smaller sampling of a much larger body of work by iHeart which spans various street art styles as well as gallery and installation works on topics beyond contemporary digital interaction.