See What? 40 Amazing Works of Infrared Photography


The world began its love affair with infrared photography when the Royal Photographic Society Journal first published these unique types of images in its October 1910 issue.  Robert W. Wood first discovered the technology that led to the invention of infrared radiation sensitive film, which allowed a new dimension of the spectrum, invisible to the naked eye, to be captured and preserved in a photograph.  Many modern cameras are now equipped with infrared filters, making more of these breathtaking images available.

Bold and Colorful Cityscapes



(images via Iragerich, paul posadas, E.HOBA)

Large cities can be magical places all on their own.  However, infrared photography adds a thrilling new dimension to cityscape images.  Remarkably, these images capture the excitement and drama of life in the city in a still image.  The energy in cityscape infrared photography is palpable.

Improving on Nature




(images via Iragerich, josef.stuefer, zygzee, MyFreeStock, mugley)

Without the help of infrared photography, we would never be able to experience the full beauty nature has to offer.  These images of nature are so crisp and clean, we can almost feel the warmth of the sun, hear the wind rustling in the leaves and smell the fragrance of the flowers.  Infrared photography shows us the true depth of nature.

Pets and Animals



(images via Gary Denness, daita, Peter Gorges)

Animals are notoriously difficult to photograph.  They don’t appreciate flashbulbs, refuse to sit still and aren’t exactly poseable.  A great photo of a pet or wild animal is the stuff an amateur photographer dreams of, and is a challenge even for seasoned professionals.  When the perfect shot is captured with infrared, it’s truly a sight to behold.

Dynamic Buildings and Structures





(images via Old Sarge, Irargerich, atul666, E.HOBA)

Many of us can appreciate the architecture and lines of buildings, bridges and other structures without ever taking a picture.  However, with infrared photography, these structures can seem to change before our eyes and take on a dynamic quality that is not otherwise noticed.  Even those without a real interest in architecture can’t help but be stunned.

Dramatic Pops of Color




(images via Rich Man, michelphoto53, Tansan, joshua_putnam, E.HOBA)

The world is full of color, we just don’t realize how much of it we are missing until confronted with images like these.  While some of the color that comes through is unrealistic, it is undeniably beautiful.  Photographers with a true passion for art and color who also have an eye for angles are able to take ordinary scenery and transform it into a wonderland.

Infrared Portraits




(images via Tigerzeye, vancouverviews, A. viajar24h, Kables, tobo, Andy G, E.HOBA)

As humans, we’re often in love with ourselves and the human form itself.  In photography, human subjects and self-portraits are popular, yet can present a challenge.  While not as difficult to capture on film as animals, the natural quirks of people must either be overcome or brought forward as a feature of the portrait.  Infrared photography adds depth and mystery to the human subject.

The Blues




(images via Iragerich, Kyle May, E.HOBA)

Blue is a color seldom seen in nature, except for in the sky on a perfect day.  Few flowers, birds and berries are actually a true blue, and purple is often misclassified as blue.  With this unique style of photography and photo editing, we can enjoy more blue in our world than ever before.  Because we rarely see so much blue, these images can be shocking and impossible to ignore.

Ethereal Beauty




(images via JP Puerta, Chico Ferreira, Iragerich)

Some infrared photographs are simply magical.  These photos draw us in with their ethereal, dreamlike qualities.  Although they look like nothing you’ve ever seen before in real life, these photographs were taken by talented photographers.  When everything is lined up and pictures like these are snapped, it is a surreal moment captured in time.

Water Features



(images via laszio-photo, Laura Borges, kwanz)

Whether it is calm and still, or a raging river, we have a fascination with the properties of water.  Deep water holds mysteries we have urges to explore, while moving water carries our sense of adventure and excitement.  Infrared photographs of water intrique and amaze by taking us closer than ever to truly experiencing all it has to offer.