Private Playgrounds: 13 Amazingly Fun Houses

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If you had your own pirate ship fort, multi-story slide, climbing wall or indoor skate park, would you ever want to leave your house? Some homeowners have turned their residences into private playgrounds and theme parks, incorporating fun elements to liven up home life for kids and adults alike.

Home Library with a Wooden Slide

Private Playgrounds Library Slide 2

Private Playgrounds Library Slide 1

Bookshelves and a slide are built into a set of stairs in the Panorama House by architect Moon Hoon from South Korea, encouraging kids to spend a lot more time in this fun little space. And as if those three functions weren’t enough, the steps also offer a stadium-style home theater seating area. Says Hoon, “The multi-use stair and slide space brings much active energy to the house, not only children, but also grown ups love the slide staircase. An action filled playful house for all ages.”

Indoor Skate Park House

Private Playgrounds Skate Villa

An abandoned hunting lodge in the woods of Salzburg, Austria was remodeled into a skater’s dream, filled with ramps and curving surfaces to make it an indoor skate park and residence in one. Designed by professional skateboarder Philipp Schuster, Skate Villa retains its lodge character with antlers, rifles and rustic furniture.

Colorful Home with Spiral Stairs, Slides and Trap Doors

Private Playgrounds Three Story Slide 1

Private Playgrounds Three Story Slide 3
Trap doors, slides, bridges and bright three-story spiral staircases make this ‘magical oasis’ by AB Rogers and DA Studio much more enjoyable for kids and adults alike than an average home. Not only does the house feature secret doors that can be thrown open to slide down to the next floor, it has a special oversized sofa designed specifically for jumping and bouncing.

Pirate-Themed Playground with Treehouse and Slides

Private Playgrounds Pirate Ship

Private Playgrounds Pirate Ship 2

Private Playgrounds Pirate Ship 3

A floating pirate ship bedroom with a rope bridge, offering a magical place to sleep, is just the beginning in this fun-centric house by Kuhl Design. A hidden slide spirals three stories down to a basement with a climbing wall and video golf room.

Tokyo Three-Story Slide and Ball Pit

Private Playgrounds Tokyo Slide 1

Private Playgrounds Tokyo Slide 2

Would you rather take the slide, or the stairs? This Tokyo house by Japanese studio Level Architects lets you choose at each of the three floors. Stairs wrap around one side and the slide wraps around another. Another fun feature is a small light-filled ball pit.

Amazing Indoor/Outdoor Home Climbing Wall

Private Playgrounds Tokyo Climbing Wall 1

Private Playgrounds Tokyo Climbing Wall 2

Tired of taking the stairs? Climb from one floor to the next instead. The 3-Way House in Tokyo by Naf Architect & Design incorporates a modern climbing wall as a main visual component, placed in a glassed interior courtyard that can be seen from various rooms in the house.