Private Playgrounds: 13 Amazingly Fun Houses

Indoor Ferris Wheel in a Kids Room

Private Playgrounds Indoor Ferris Wheel

An ordinary bedroom is now one child’s very own carnival with the addition of a huge ferris wheel. Unfortunately, it’s not actually to ride in – it’s a creative way to store toys, though it does spin. But it’s an intriguing part of a colorful bedroom with a playful theme.

Concrete Slide in Place of Stairs

Private Playgrounds Concrete Slide

This slide isn’t just a fun addition to a contemporary house in Indonesia by Aboday Architects. It’s a beautiful architectural element of the home, spiraling down into the main living area. Best of all, it’s big enough for adults.

Underground House Full of Playful Features

Private Playgrounds Underground Funhouse 1

Private Playgrounds Underground Funhouse 2

Architect Alex Michaelis came up with a creative way to get around height restrictions when building his own London home, making it partially subterranean. The modern, eco-friendly home includes a climbing wall, a slide alternative to the stairs, and an indoor pool.

Treehouse in 6,000-Square-Foot Washington Mansion

Private Playgrounds Treehouse Washington

A sprawling mansion on Washington’s Bainbridge Island, just across the Puget Sound from Seattle, gives kids a fun way to feel like they’re playing outdoors during the region’s many rainy days. A real tree elevates a full-sized treehouse within the kids’ area of the home.

Tubular Slide in a New York City Penthouse

Private Playgrounds Tubular Slide 1

As much a work of modern art as it is a fun and functional way to get around, this tubular slide swirls through four stories of a renovated 19th-century penthouse in New York City. The home also features climbing surfaces, a swing that dangles high above the living space, and a treehouse-like ‘nest’ accessible by a bridge.

House with a Homemade Rollercoaster

Private Playgrounds Backyard Rollercoaster 1

Private Playgrounds Backyard Roller Coaster 2

How would you like to have a roller coaster in your own backyard? Jon Ivers created his own homemade roller coaster called Blue Flash, which has a 360-degree loop. The seat itself appears to have been made from a salvaged car seat.

Celine Dion’s 500,000 Gallon Backyard Waterpark

Private Playgrounds Celine Dion Waterpark

If you’re a multi-millionaire like Celine Dion, you can have your very own lavish backyard waterpark. The singer’s $20 million mansion on Jupiter Island in Florida features a 500,000-gallon aquatic playground with a massive spiraling slide.