Real Life Photoshop: Giant Eraser Takes Out Urban Scenery

Real Life Photoshop Eraser 1

In another case of Photoshop invading the real world in three dimensions, giant erasers are appearing all over urban surfaces in London. Murals, street signs, billboards and trash bins are among the objects getting the Photoshop treatment with ‘Street Eraser,’ a joint project by artists Guus Ter Beek and Tayfun Sarier.

Real Life Photoshop Eraser 2

Real Life Photoshop Eraser 3

Real Life Photoshop Eraser 4

The installation consists of a series of handmade stickers plastered all over the city, featuring the gray and white checkered pattern that appears when you erase something in Adobe Photoshop.

Real Life Photoshop Eraser 5

Photoshop Eraser 2

Photoshop Tools 3

A similar project used cardboard props to recreate the look of a photoshopped image in progress, with the photographer using the eraser tool on himself. Another photographer takes Photoshop tools literally with humorous interpretations of commands like ‘convert to smart object’, ‘smudge’ and ‘puppet warp.’