Photoshop in Real Life: Portrait Series Takes Tools Literally

photoshop realism

Anyone who has used Adobe products, Photoshop or otherwise, knows that they have necessarily become quite creative in naming some of their more abstract, surreal and unusual functions.

photoshop based manipulation series

Flora Borsi of Budapest, Hungary, is a photographer and photo editor who has explored these meanings in return, taking them back out of the digital realm and applying them to ‘real life’ situations.

photoshop in real life

Through turns of phrase (‘Convert to Smart Object’) and other twisted interpretations, this series of portraits is an exploration of self, exhibition of abilities and simply fun series of mildly manipulated photos.

photo manipulations historical portraits

Her other series show off her capacity to understand and reproduce historical styles, but also to take and subvert visual expectations, in turn silly, serious and in some cases quite macabre.