Street Retouch: Bus Riders Get Live Photoshop Treatment

Street Retouch Live Photoshop 1

Unsuspecting travelers waiting to catch a ride were shocked to see their own photos integrated into humorous advertisements on the walls of the bus stop shelter. Berlin-based Photoshop artist Erik Johansson took surreptitious photos from a van across the street, altered them in Photoshop, and projected the edited images onto the ad space on the shelter.

Street Retouch Live Photoshop 2

Johansson had to work fast, getting only a few minutes to take the photo, make his changes, insert it into a funny pre-made background and transmit it to the bus shelter. He also filmed the reactions of the surprised subjects, who suddenly found themselves integrated into ads for fictional films and products.

Street Retouch Live Photoshop 3

Street Retouch Live Photoshop 4

Street Retouch Prank was developed for Adobe Creative Days, an annual event that showcases creativity and innovation using Adobe products. It may be a prank, but it’s also an interesting look at how interactive the future of advertising is likely to be.