Lightweight ‘Airbeams’ Frame Inflatable Geodesic Dome Tent

geodesic inflatable tent

Derived from crystal structure of diamonds and geodesic domes of Buckminster Fuller, these all-weather structures are astonishingly strong but incredibly light at the same time.

wedge cave maverick

inflatable tent poles design

Created by Heimplanet, the Maverick grew out of a previous iteration, The Cave, which was similarly structured, eschewing solid poles in favor of an impressive custom airbeam system.

inflatable tent design detail

Made to withstand winds of over 100 miles per hour, each section of the all-weather Maverick can be separated from the next chamber when deployed. As a result, the entire structure can be inflated at once but a failure in one segment does not cause the deflation of the whole.

inflatable tent interior

inflatable tent side tubes

inflatable tent door openin

More about the materials: “The airbeams are built with a resistant double-layer construction: an extra airtight TPU (thermoplastic urethane) bladder keeps the air inside for a long time. An outer jacket made of a high-tenacity polyester fabric ensures extra stability, protection and durability.”