Touching Art: Raised Prints of Famous Paintings for the Blind

blind display art design

Enabling the visually impaired to quite literally put their hands on priceless artworks, this unique exhibition allows blind people to experience works like the Mona Lisa for the first time. An initial collection of six such works is on display through June at a gallery in the Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain.

Paintings For Vision-Impaired People At The Prado Museum

visually impaired art touch

The innovative printing studio behind these complex displays, Estudios Durero, starts with high-resolution photographs of original works then reworks them, adding texture and volume in an advanced relief printing process.

blind layered painting works

Over the course of 40 hours, special inks are layered on top of flat surfaces. The resulting pieces are then chemically treated to that raise sections of the reprinted paintings. In a final stage, the colors are layered on top of this 3D hybrid to make them look like the originals.

blind raised textured paintings

Each piece is different, requiring a nuanced and calculated approach to crafting individually appropriate solutions that reflect elements of artistic intent and style in this new feel-oriented format.

blind user art experience

Braille text and audio guides accompany each piece, walking visitors through a multimedia experience culminating in the touching of each work (photos by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez).