Wearable Cities: 15 Urban-Patterned Outfits & Accessories

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Wear your love for your city on your sleeve – and your t-shirt, tote bag, necklace, cuff bracelet and bandanna. Aerial maps, transit maps, city skylines, notable architecture and even the abstracted colors of a certain neighborhood are printed onto all manner of urban wearables in this collection of city-themed clothes and accessories.

New York City Subway Map Tights
cityscape subway map

Display your love for your hometown as a relocated New Yorker with these Manhattan subway map tights, or be prepared for fellow transit riders to peer at your legs trying to figure out which stop to get off at if you decide to don them in the city.

Handscape City Rings

cityscape zlda 1

cityscape zlda 2

Turn your fingers into a ‘handscape’ with these rings by Studio ZLDA, designed to be worn together to create a personal collection of buildings, trees and tiny figures.

Cityscape Clothes Valet

cityscape valet 3

Start your day off getting dressed next to this cityscape clothes valet by Andrea Brugnera for Formabilio, a simple geometric structure held together with small leather straps.

City Grid Dog Tags

cityscape dog tags 1

cityscape dog tags 2

This dog tag IDs where you come from in a more abstract and visual way, with a cut-out of an urban grid pattern. The collection from A Minimal Studio includes over 120 major cities from 32 countries around the world, and can be used as a functional map.

Neighborhood Scarves

cityscape neighborhood scarves

The visuals of a particular spot are captured on video, stretched out and processed to create an abstracted motion of the place in visual form. The Brooklyn Block then prints this image on scarves so you can wear the colors and patterns of your favorite neighborhood.