Wearable Cities: 15 Urban-Patterned Outfits & Accessories

Cityscape Bike Tread

cityscape bike tread

Take the topography of the city with you on your commute, too, with this awesome cityscape bike tire tread by Bruno Ferrari and Rodrigo Paranhos. Unfortunately, it’s not a real product (and it does seem as if it would be a bumpy ride, with most of those delicate little parts falling off quickly) but it’s a cool idea.

London Love Letters by Oasis

cityscape london dress 1

cityscape london dress 2

Created for the Olympics in 2012, the London Love Letters collection by Oasis captures illustrated imagery of the city in wearable form, including a series of dresses and tote bags.

Custom-Printed City Map Clothing

cityscape custom map clothing 2

cityscape custom clothing 1

Take any urban grid, scale it however you like, and have it printed on to a skirt, throw pillow, tank top or silk scarf at Monochrome. The company lets you choose between black-on-white or white-on-black and you can pan and zoom all you like to focus in on a particular neighborhood or block.