Tunnel House: (Sub)Urban Street Art Implosion Project

If you had a house that was going to be demolished, scrapped and completely replaced with something else – what would you do with it? Well, a couple of guys thought it would be neat to turn this place into the strangest thing the suburbs have ever seen, before the site would be turned into a new arts center.

Tunnel House from the Street

Passers by are clearly awestruck by this amazing suburban art installation. The tunnel house gives an illusion of vertigo, a sense that it is being sucked in upon itself – a compelling visual effect.

Tunnel House Creators and Visitor

The above shot shows both of the artists (left), who clearly have a sense of humor about the entire project. Amazingly enough, people can even interact with this piece, walking through the middle and coming out the other side!

Through the Tunnel and Out the Other Side

The tunnel tapers through the center of house, becoming a crawlspace that ‘drains out the other side. A surreal experience to be sure, and probably the most typical house would could choose to turn into an amazing piece of suburban installation art! For more or for full-sized images, try searching Flickr with the tag ‘Tunnel House!’