Livable Billboard Offers Artists a Temporary Home

Billboard Artist Residency 1

Artists are taking over billboards all over the world, subverting their messages or dedicating them to fun and meaningful art installations instead of advertisements. But the Scribe Billboard takes the concept of billboard art even further: hidden behind its face is a tiny living space for the artists to stay in as they work. Located in Mexico City, this ongoing urban art project is a collaboration between paper company Scribe and architect Julio Gomez Trevilla.

Billboard Artist Residency 2

An elevated house made of steel and chipboard measuring about 170 square feet provides a sheltered space and meets the basic needs of the artist. It includes a kitchen, bathroom, closet, shower, dressing room and work desk. A barrel mounted into a rooftop tower provides gravity-fed water for plumbing. The only way to get in and out is through a door in the face of the billboard. The house even has a rooftop deck.

Billboard Artist Residency 3

The first resident was Mexican artist Cecilia Beaven, who spent ten days living inside it while working on the hand-painted campaign for Scribe. The interactive project called for ideas from the brand’s fans on Twitter, which Beaven incorporated into the work.

Billboard Artist Residency 4

Another billboard house concept by design firm Apostrophy’s is more spacious, with an open, multi-level design. See more photos of the Scribe Billboard at Scribe’s Facebook page.