Data Design: 10 of the Wackiest & Coolest USB Gadgets


Universal Serial Bus is quite possibly the most diverse and wide ranging technological innovation of the computer era! From simple I/O device control to missile control devices (well, toy ones anyway), USB has opened up a world of innovation and creativity. Here is a list of ten of the craziest USB devices!

George Foreman Grill

(image via thinkgeek)

How many time have you been sitting at your desk, working on various to-do’s and had a craving for some good home cooked barbecue? Well no longer will you have to make the difficult decision between work and burgers! With the George Foreman USB grill you can grill up a feast without ever leaving the office!

Hamster Wheel

(image via iwantoneofthose)

Cute and entertaining, this hamster wheel spins when you plug it into your USB port! Sometime you may feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel, going nowhere fast working at your desk. This USB toy is a great way to make a sarcastic remark on the feeling of being in the rat (or hamster) race. Or maybe you don’t feel that way at all, maybe you just cant bring your  pets to work. Let this little guy keep you company as you run through the maze of corporate life!

Plasma Ball

(image via iwantoneofthose)

Bring the science museum to your desk top with this USB Plasma Ball, plug it in, touch the surface stand amazed as the mesmerizing green plasma flows to your fingertips! These electricity balls are super entertaining, especially for kids! If you happen to work at a school, day care, or just have some youngsters of our own, you will find that they will be amused for a long time playing with these plasma balls!

Missile Launcher

(image via thinkgeek)

Protect your desk from screaming kids, nagging bosses or gossipy co-workers with this USB missile defense array! Included software allows you to man the cannons, aim and fire at targets of your wrath! Imagine the possibilities of rigging scourges of these things all over your office with some carefully placed USB hubs! It might not be the most productive project in the world, but it’ll make for a fun way to waste time during the work day!

Turn Table

(image via firebox)

Ever wish you could transfer all those old vinyls you have lying around to your computer? Well now with the help of this USB turn table, you can back up every last record to your computer and iPod! Get the Led out old school style, because after all, nothing sounds as good as original vinyl!


(image via firebox)

Quite possibly the most useful item on the list,these batteries can be charged via USB and used in any standard AA battery-powered device. The ultimate gadget for the always-on-the-go, these can be charged at public computers, lap tops, even X-BOX 360s. Slick and convenient, these batteries will be your best friend when your camera runs out of juice and you just happen to have your laptop available to juice them back up! Never buy batteries again, carry these USB batteries and stay charged!


(image via thinkgeek)

This USB guitar hooks directly to your computer and communicates with included software, allowing you to record music directly to your computer! No complex plug adapters, no quality-stripping microphone rigs, just direct music from the guitar’s pick-ups to your hard drive! The software even includes effects modeling kits that will give your music he sound of a British stack, a blues tube head, a wah, a flange, and much more! Never before has portable music recording been so easy!

USB Lock

(image via ashframe)

Ultimate security for your USB drive! Software security can be cracked, but this drive is physically blocked from being used unless you possess the key! You may be thinking “well, what if someone tried to break the lock?” Not so fast! Doing so would necessarily destroy the drive and its contents! Feel like a secrete agent carrying top secrete files by making this USB lock your choice for your storage needs.

USB Food Drives

(image via valvo)

Tired of boring, common USB drives? Check out the collection of food drives from Vavolo! Express your love for your favorite snack with your storage device and get a smile from everyone who sees you plug it in. Great for conversation starters or just to wear on your keychain, these food drives are a must have if you are in the market for a new storage device.

Teddy Bear


(image via engadget)

This sick and twisted USB drive appeals to the teddy bear sadist in us all. Guaranteed to scare kids and repulse sensitive adults, this portable drive gives the illusion that the bear has its head jammed into the computer’s USB port. Humor and mass storage combined make an excellent combination!