Pop-Up Portfolio: Mobile Furniture Folds Flat Between Pages

flat pack furniture set

It is not unusual to see art and design students walking around with portfolios under their arms, but few open up to reveal such creative results as these.

flat pack chair closed

flat pack green chair

Inspired by campus folder cases, origami and pop-up books, Japanese designer Mariko Tsujimoto created this series of unfolding furnishings that deploy into surprisingly solid (if small) functional objects.

flat pack table open

flat pack table closed

Set in vivid colors to distinguish their functionality, the set includes a chair, table, desk and bookshelf, each of which refolds automatically when the end pages are closed.

flat pack shelf closed

flat pack book shelf

flat pack in motion

These quite literal portfolio pieces are just plastic prototypes for now, but rendered in a more solid material they could provide the conceptual groundwork for a full-fledged furnishing set.