Woodskin: Flexible Hybrid Material Makes Wood Modular

flexible wood

In essence, it has the look and feel of wood, but the flexibility of fabric, all rolled into one composite mesh that is durable but able to be molded into all kinds of creative patterns both temporary and permanent.

flexible wood mesh furniture

From its Italian creators at MammaFotogramma: “Woodskin is a composite material, developed and patented by our design firm. This highly flexible surface – a sandwich wood and high performance mesh – was created by a process of excavation with a CNC cutting machine. By dividing the rigid plan of wood into small triangle, the material is freed – able to be shaped as the maker desires.”

flexible composite wooden material

The result has advantages of both decorative malleable materials and functional solid systems, enabling a wide range of potentials for use in furniture and interior design. Following a broader trend in complex 3D architecture, the mesh of CNC-cut Russian plywood stitched together with layers of vinyl makes the most abstract shapes possible.