LEGO Abandonments: Home-Made Model Haunted Houses

lego abandonments

Hundreds of hours and in some cases over one hundred thousand pieces have gone into the creation of this series of seriously detailed LEGO models, each constructed to replicate the processes of decay in miniature.

lego victorian decay series

Michael Doyle makes these largely-Victorian marvels piece by piece, but of course creating something that looks intentionally chaotic is in many ways more challenging than making a conventional model home.

lego abandoned haunted house

From the artist: “To my eyes, patterns of decay find a more pleasing path than an untouched object. A roof collapsed by the weight of snow, side shingles ripped by the force of winds, substructures rotting, insects and weather gnawing the exposed surfaces.”

lego deconstruction build process

“I can picture those windy days where a shingle flies off. Or the sudden creaking, cracking and burst of tinder giving way under snow’s heavy hand

lego deserted building photos

And for anyone interested in a strange slice of abandoned-faux-home ownership, he still has prints for sale of some of the works featured here as well as his other gravity-and-time-defying LEGO creations.