Rooms on Wheels: Mobile Kitchen, Bedroom & Office Spaces

compact modular rooms spaces

A step beyond flip-down beds and foldaway furniture, this series of modular rooms packs whole kitchens, bedrooms and offices into a highly portable form, so much so that they be bought online at stores like Amazon Japan and shipped right to your door.

compact kitchen in box

Consider the possibilities, too, for on-demand residential conversions: with these you can make anything, from a cargo container to an old warehouse, into an instant apartment.

compact office close up

Set on wheels and made narrow when closed, each room-in-a-box can be rolled easily through opening and navigate narrow corridors to arrive at its destination.

compact fold out bedroom

compact modular bedroom

The bedroom unit is the largest – it uses central breakpoints to allow overhead lighting as well as the bed and its supports below to collapse in half then fold up or down into empty spaces in the shell.

compact fold out office

The mid-sized office features interlocking solids and voids to maximize shelving and storage when open. Meanwhile, the wheeled chair below detaches from the primary structure on demand.

compact fold out kitchen

The small kitchen flips up and out to reveal a sink, work surface and hot plate at hip height with space for storage and refrigeration below.

modular moveable rooms boxes

Square footage is a serious commodity in cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, making the four-figure price tag for these units from Atelier OPA (dubbed Kenchikukagu) also a lot more palatable in the right urban context.