Works of Impossible Architecture Built from Found Photos

found architecture

Like dreams while you are having them, these buildings make perfect sense subjectively and yet no sense objectively. They are seamlessly integrated, yet structurally surreal … and, like a dream when waking up: the details are hard to recall when you look away.

found architecture photo collages

Jim Kazanjian searches through tens of thousands of photographs in search of the perfect bits and pieces for each otherworldly creation. Some of the results seem almost plausible, while others stretch the limits of gravity, structural integrity and even the imagination.

found buildings black white surreal

Per his artist statement at 23Sandy (where you can also buy prints): “Jim Kazanjian’s surreal landscapes offer phantasmagoric visions of a where-is-this world, defined by impossibly complex architecture and M.C.Escher-esque black-and-white graphics.”

found architecture impossible structures

“Inspired by the imaginary realms of cult author H.P. Lovecraft—whose wild, cosmic short stories set the mold for much of the 20th century’s best science fiction—Kazanjian’s aim is to redress the “misunderstanding that photography has a kind of built-in objectivity…to defamiliarize the familiar.”