Rugged Landscapes: 3D Art Carpets Transform Indoor Environments

Inspired by natural landscapes and crafted with carpet factory remnants, these labor-intensive creations are as much terrains as textiles. Alexandra Kehayoglou is an artist from Argentina who uses leftover scraps from the family business, a carpet factory in Buenos Aires, to build her wool room-wrapping creations.

3d chair flowing

Her use of materials mimics natural textures of natural moss, water, trees and ice, providing the functions of a traditional rug with a layer of artistic flair via memory-evoking scenery, often on creations that wrap vertically to become tapestries. The source material, she says, are the landscapes of her homeland, from grasslands to deserts, lakes to glaciers. They are richly-textured when on the floor, but gain additional dimensions as they wrap up walls or onto furniture, becoming more than just a horizontal surface.