Brain-Eating Groomsmen & 27 Other Creative Wedding Photos

Wedding photos are nice to have, but a pain to sit through. When a photographer helps the soon-to-be married couple take their photography in a fun and unique direction, the process becomes a whole lot cooler.

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A lot of photographers like to portray the cliched “dragging the man down the aisle” idea. At least it looks like a lot of fun to take these photos!

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These are possibly the greatest wedding photos of all time. The young couple encounters a threat to their nuptials and deals with it swiftly, and mercilessly. This is the official beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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When animals are involved, things can get tricky. The humorous set up of the first photo is not reflected in the second image, where the bride-to-be seems just a bit frightened.

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Why so many brides and grooms are willing to destroy their wedding clothes is a mystery. They certainly make for an interesting photo album experience.

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These images must be difficult to set up, but they’re well worth the final product. This is a simple optical illusion that takes a bit of leg strength and hopefully not too many attempts.

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It’s tempting to go totally traditional in one’s wedding style. Resist this urge! The style of these photos perfectly reflects the old fashioned style of the wedding itself.

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Anyone who has visited the leaning tower of Pisa knows how much fun careful use of perspective can be. These are some great examples of a fun and easy way to spice up the photo album.

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There’s no need for an umbrella in these jumping scenes. A little action never hurt anybody, though it’s recommended that ladies take their heels off first.

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Think your significant other is larger than life? These photographers thought so too. A little digital manipulation can go a long way!

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If these fun photographs teach one anything, it’s to let a little personality seep into those stodgy wedding photos. Traditional is fine, but being creative will make it truly memorable.