GIFs That Keep on Giving: 20+ Captivating Animated Illustrations

Maybe you can’t hang a poster of a GIF on your wall (yet) but these fun animated images are definitely frame-able, ranging from classic art brought alive by subtle moving elements to hypnotic abstract digital creations. You don’t need psychedelic drugs to enjoy the mesmerizing effects, but hey, it probably wouldn’t hurt.

Necessary Disorder: Gifs by Etienne Jacob

French student Etienne Jacob has an entire tumblr packed full of looping GIF images in stark black and white, made via programming with the ‘Processing’ software sketchbook.

Traditional Japanese Woodblock GIFs by Atsuki Segawa

Traditional hokusai ukiyo-e woodblock prints from Japan hurtle into the 21st century with a lively GIF treatment from video artist Atsuki Segawa. Familiar imagery blends with contemporary and futuristic elements like glow sticks, UFOs and record players in these fun images.

Edward Hopper in Motion by Verve Search

Edward Hopper’s classic 20th century paintings come to life in a series of animated GIFs made by UK creative agency Verve Search. Created for Orbitz, the collection aims to introduce the painter’s work to a younger generation.

Surreal Animated Images by Nicolas Monterrat

With names like “Well… it is unexpected” and “What a strange afternoon,” these animated GIFs by Nicolas Monterrat seem to reflect a parallel reality in which the laws of physics are just a little bit looser. Each one tells its own strange story.

Animated Fairytale Nature Scenes by Alexandra Dvornikova

Hidden worlds glow and flicker within the darkened woods in these fairytale-like animations by London-based illustrator Alexandra Dvornikova. Some of the moving elements are so subtle, it takes a few seconds to register what they are. While we’re waiting for moving posters to be a real thing, you can pick up Dvornikova’s illustrations on Society 6.