GIFs That Keep on Giving: 20+ Captivating Animated Illustrations

Plants and Technology Come Together in Illustrations by Sasha Katz

Each one of Sasha Katz’s animated GIF creations sways gently from side to size with an almost hypnotic motion. The Russian GIF artist often combines plant life and technology, almost as if one can neutralize the other.

Gory & Hilarious Classic Art GIFs by Kiszkiloszki

Artist Kiszkiloszki, real name Kajetan Obarski, uses classic paintings as the basis of hilarious and often gory animated GIFs, saying they’re “about my true love to the mankind.”

Melting People by Randy Cano

3D designer, animator and artist Randy Cano makes short videos and GIF images of vaguely unsettling scenes, often featuring people melting. Keep up with them on Instagram.

Swirling Worlds by James R. Eads and The Glitch

Artists James R. Eads and Chris ‘The Glitch’ McDaniel come together to produce a collection of mesmerizing animated images with a psychedelic quality that can really suck you in.

Highly Unsatisfying GIFs by Parallel

Drinks fail to fall all the way out of a vending machine dispenser, golf balls just barely miss their holes, dominos don’t quite cascade all the way and spoons slip into soup in this fun but frustrating collection by Parallel fittingly entitled UNSATISFYING.