Geek Tattoo Designs: Wish Your Social Life Goodbye

There’s geek, and then there’s hardcore, plaster your favorite operating system’s logo on your right forearm geek. The latter tends to be more interesting (at least on the internet), so I’ve compiled a bunch of geek tattoos that reach beyond geekdom into a wonderful new world where even some hardcore web developers are afraid to venture:

Real Social Networking

(Images via dev.upianitshumour)

When liking something on Facebook isn’t enough, head down to the neighborhood tatto parlor and get some ink done so your friends will really know which application you prefer. You’d better hope your favorites stick around, however, or you’ll have some very confused grandchildren.

Video Game Systems

(Images via forbiddenimages, dumbtattooclub, thelmagazine)

Love video games? Well if you don’t, you should. As one of the first generations to always have video games in our houses, certain brands generate a nostalgia that sums up way too many hours of our childhoods (and adulthood).

Real Life Source Code

(Images via chan4chansitepoint)

Web developers are the gods of the online space, so what if you could take a peek at your own source code? These geeks have given us a glimpse into what that might look like…

Logos and Operating Systems

(Images via bodyartsgallery, techrepublic, firstclassthoughts, zgeek)

This is a step over the line, in my opinion. As much as you like your Dell computer, unless you’re the CEO I’d like to think it hasn’t affected your life enough to warrant your entire right leg. Who are we to say, though? Maybe this person’s life was saved by a Dell. It’s always interesting when someone chooses a random corporate logo for their ink – I’d love to hear why.


(Images via collegehumor, indigo, gamespot, weedbrothers)

A lot of geek love goes out to Atari, as it was a lot of people’s first video game system. It doesn’t hurt that it has a pretty awesome logo that looks cool regardless if you’re talking to a gamer or not.

And Of Course… Apple

(Images via all-tattoos, aboutonlinetips, somethinbeautiful, cakeheadlovesevil)

A lot of Apple fans get a little carried away with their love for the cutting edge company. The logo is easily reproduced and can fit just about anywhere, so why not? It will keep the doctor away… forever.