Street-Chic Boutique: Stunning Half-Graffitied Hotel Room

panic room graffiti

Dubbed “The Panic Room” nonetheless, this daring overnight dwelling space is not for those seeking visual peace or artistic quite, more likely to cause than curb panicky impulse (quite the opposite of a traditional panic room).

Graffiti artist Tilt  added his unique touches to this room in the Au Vieux Panier Hotel of Marseille, France. It is one of five art spaces, each with its own visual theme featuring the work of a single graphic designer or painter.

panic room colorful interior

panic room colored art

“The idea is to sleep in an artwork” and “all rooms are changed every year,” so if you want to see one you have to hop on a plane fast before the next season rolls around. Each process involves a call for entries and a hand-selected group of resulting artists.

For those that win, there are no rules. Moreover, they are given a full month during which the hotel is closed in which to create their work. And in the end, the lodgings are surprisingly inexpensive: just 135 Euros per night to stay inside this particular street-art masterpiece.

Everything about the room is informed by the design concept, from surfaces to accessories, right down to the bed sheets custom-crafted for the room in question. Then, as in a gallery, the work is taken down and rooms reinvented once again.