Urbex Camouflage: Hiding, Sneaking & Disguising in Cities

Personal Camoflage

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The ability to hide plain site can be a real advantage when exploring urban abandonments. Oooms has created a clever and collapsible solution to this problem as shown above. What appears to be an innocuous utility fixture is, in fact, a portable and hollow urban hideout that can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled on-the-go.

Camera Camoflage

A traditional camera bag can be a dead giveaway to authority figures who might not approve of urban exploration, even if it is only to take photographs. This creative carrying case by Think Tank is, appropriately enough, titled urban disguise and is specifically designed to look more like a suitcase or shoulder bag than a camera case.

Car Camoflage

Finally, the appearance of being official can cause otherwise prying eyes to pass over a vehicle parked near an abandonment. Todd Lapin adapted his vehicle, adding flashing lights, a spotlight and safety stripes for urban exploration, building infiltration and general urban camouflage. Of course, the local legality of such changes should be determined prior to taking such a modified vehicle to the streets!

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