Subtractive Art: Botanical Wall Graffiti Crafted by Cutting Vines

spy wall art botanical

Taking cues from both tree sculpting and reverse graffiti traditions, SpY’s work in Besancon, France, turns pruning into a mural-making technique, shaping vines into a circular work of wall art.

spy wild vines carved

spy in man lift

Seeing a shape hiding in the wild-growing vines, the artist rented an elevated work platform and began to cut into the vines, picking and trimming his way around key branches to create a perfect circle.

spy work progress

spy finished mural

The result is rather stealthy, easy to mistake as perhaps some kind of natural pattern, and well-composed, a round shape against a rectangular backdrop, with nods both to nature and architecture. As an organic work, it must be maintained, or perhaps part of the art is in how it goes wild all over again.