Infrastructural Art: Colorful LEDs Lights Up Shipyard Cranes

The imagination readily fastens onto the anthropomorphic figures like those found in shipyards, turning looming metal giants into huge toy beasts, origami cranes writ large.

shipyard light show art

shipyard colorful close up

Lighting designer Dean Skira takes things a step further in this public exhibition titled Lighting Giants, using nearly 100 RGB LEDs to produce an array of colorful effects at a massive scale – 16,000 different possible hues in total.

Pula, 04.05.2014 - U sklopu drugog Visualia festivala osvjetljene Uljanikove dizalice

shipyard multi colored installation

Located in a major Croatian shipyard, the show involves a shifting spectrum of illumination that ranges from pure white to wild rainbows, all directed up into the rugged frameworks of industrial monstrosities.

shipyard light up all white

shipyard light up red

The installation, funded by the ministry of tourism, was in part a response to calls for the relocation of the shipping infrastructure, seen by many as an eyesore. Instead of doing away with the cranes, a part of local industry and history, this work celebrates and highlights them.

shipyard light colorful

shipyard last image photo

About the artist: he is a “lighting designer with over twenty years of experience in designing innovative lighting solutions for urban, landscape, commercial and residential spaces. Even in his early childhood he was fascinated by light and its sources, strongly influenced by his father’s professional work in stained glass. He promotes an architectural lighting design concept that goes beyond utilitarian where lighting can have high impact on person’s emotional states.”