Surreal Decay: Stunning Light Graffiti Made with Stencils

Light graffiti is surreal and impermanent, infused with a sense of kinetic chaos that seems inherent to this unique and expressive art. But one Melbourne, Australia-based street artist has found a way to tame the light and make it even more otherworldly. Known only as ‘TigTab‘, this mysterious artist uses stencils to create beautiful patterns in grungy urban spaces.

“My photos are predominantly shot using urban backdrops,’ TigTab told Odd Stuff Magazine. “I find beauty in decay – those abandoned and forgotten places all around us. By bringing light into the darkness of each space, it fills that space for a moment in time, and highlights both their beauty and impermanence.”

TigTab’s illuminated illusions are so crisp and sharply defined, people often look at the final photographs and assume they’re Photoshopped. But far more artistry goes into this work than simply doctoring images on a computer.

Odd Stuff has some really cool pictures of the materials TigTab uses, including carefully crafted rigid stencils that are lined with foil and placed on light boxes. The artist leaves the camera shutter open for a long exposure and moves around the space with the stencils, firing the flash repeatedly. It takes up to four hours to capture a single composition. Check it out at