Pop-Up Office: 14 Modern Mobile Studios for Creatives

mobile office observatory 1

Whether you’re an artist looking to work in the most inspiring environment possible or just want to break beyond the cubicle, these mobile and pop-up offices offer adaptability, portability and access to optimal daylight levels.

Volkswagen T6 Mobile Office
mobile offices volkswagen t6

mobile offices volkswagen t6 2

Volkswagen’s bizarre-looking T6 is a mobile office in the most literal sense – it’s a van and workspace in one. The idea is that you wouldn’t have to miss a moment of work time while commuting, but this design – which features a meeting area as well as a personal cubicle – might be even better suited to parking somewhere pretty and enjoying the view out of those big round windows.

Observatory Modern Artist Residence


mobile office observatory 2

These mobile ‘observatory’ studios are perfect for creative work with their massive glazed walls opening up to whatever landscape is deemed desirable for the work at hand. Designed by four graduate students from the English design firm Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, these two small timber structures sit on prefabricated swiveling bases so they can be moved even once they’re transported via flat-bed truck to their destination.

SPACE Shipping Container Office

mobile office shipping container 1

mobile office shipping contaienr 2

The SPACE shipping container office by Metalab is made up of a reclaimed shipping container with a fold-out solar rack system. It’s designed for rapid deployment so it could function as an emergency relief office, but also as a park ranger’s station or an everyday work space in areas where access to the power grid isn’t available.

Mobile All-in-One Office Unit

mobile offices all in one 1

mobile offices all in one 2

This office-within-an-office makes it easy to maintain a comfortable, modern, minimalist workspace no matter where your office might be physically located -even if it’s a dreary warehouse. THe Paco all-in-one unit by Jo Nagasaka + Schemata Architecture Office is a white cube with a roof that opens up to allow interaction with the world outside, but offers privacy when closed. The interior is fitted with a hammock, a table and even a bathroom.

Comic Book Style Pop-Up Office
mobile office comic book style


This fun pop-up office turns a display window into a creative comic-book inspired workspace, showcasing local artists in London to entertain passersby. Employees of the Weiden + Kennedy ad agency took turns working in the window at the company’s headquarters. Most of the office is made of paper and cardboard in stark black and white, and some elements are kinetic, like a phone that rocks as if it’s ringing and a clock that runs backwards.