Pop-Up Office: 14 Modern Mobile Studios for Creatives

Converted Airstream Trailer Office
mobile offices airstream 1

mobile offices airstream 2

An ordinary-looking trailer has been transformed into a mobile design studio by XS-Land. Designed to be towed to any space that can offer inspiration, the studio includes a drafting table, library, solar power and wifi. “The studio is particularly useful during the concept design stages, when a deep understanding of the site is required to craft a sensitive design and during the construction phase, when we spend substantial time on the site.”

Exhibit Mobile Artist Studio

mobile offices exhibit 1

The Exhibit concept is a mobile artist’s studio envisioned as a live/work space for artists who “seek inspiration from the land.” It features an unfolding facade offering access to the landscape as well as control of daylight and ventilation.

Pop-Up Minivan Studio

mobile offices minivan

mobile offices minivan 2

An artist’s hut is perched on top of a minivan in this cool project by Japanese artist Nara Yoshimoto for Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art. APT 6 is decked out in ’70s style and follows a narrative of “a mobile studio coming from faraway Japan to journey across the vast Australian continent.” Says Yoshimoto, “I move around a lot, to exhibitions in various places, and residencies, and it struck me that if I possessed a movable studio like this, I could paint anytime I wanted.”

Work on Wheels Self-Driving Car Office
mobile offices workonwheels

Could self-driving cars totally transform the way we work as well as the way we get around? IDEO’s vision of the ‘Future of Automobility’ envisions transparent work pods on wheels that enable the occupants to make the most of this time while also taking in the world outside. It would be awfully tempting to set this thing to drive itself to a park instead of heading to a more conventional office.

BEEBOX Mobile Office Pod
mobile offices 1

mobile offices beebox 2

Artists and designers often make use of spaces that are in transition, like former industrial sites, as inexpensive and spacious places to create. The Buro Beehive is an interesting idea for a workspace on wheels that can simply be rolled into any environment to adapt it for practical use. At the end of the day, it can be closed down and locked up.