35 Unique Lamps That Will Light Up Your Imagination

We’re beyond the year 2000, and it’s time to ditch your ancient lamp with its boring beige shade and antiquated knobs. Admittedly, lamp technology has barely changed over time, but there are plenty of designers out there who have gone to extreme lengths to push the boundaries of lamp design into much more creative territory. Prepare to be sad and shamed by your boring light solutions.

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The tried and true lamp design is old hat. These innovative and interesting lamp shapes would instantly become the conversation piece of any room. If you’re not a fan of industrial or epic designs, there are plenty more to choose from.

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Modern design is known for its monochrome aesthetic and minimalist design. These lights are cool and collected, and would fit perfectly with a minimalist aesthetic. They have just enough flair to be interesting, but not so much that they seem busy.

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The light industry is becoming increasingly experimental, and it’s now possible to find a lamp made out of just about anything. Anyone who is a fan of Vespa’s can now bring (part of) one home to light up their living room. A dinosaur made out of paper would be ideal for a kid’s room, and a light made out of an extension cord has the perfect aesthetic for a garage or work area.

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Are you a videogame fan groping in the dark for a lamp that would light up your gaming room with just the right touch of dorkiness? Look no further. Lamps made out of retired Atari systems, shades featuring favorite characters, and entire lights designed to look the part of the classic games of one’s childhood… these are all available, if you look in the right places.

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The most interesting lamp designs are often surreal, and maybe not the most effective. If you live in a very eclectic space with a ton of artwork, you might as well make your lighting solution just as beautiful as the rest of your home. If you’re just looking for a floor lamp to put in the corner, this might not be the best for you.

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Frank Buchwald has become famous for his steampunk flavored lamp creations. With interesting aesthetics and breathtaking detail, it’s no wonder he’s able to fetch such a nice price for his beautiful lamps. It’s easy to spot the overall look of a Frank Buchwald piece, but he does a great job at making each lamp an entirely unique entity.

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All you need for a lamp is lightbulbs, so it’s time you got creative. These pieces put just enough of a twist on the old favorites that they’re both exciting and realistic. One can easily imagine one of these lamps gracing their shelf or end table.

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Some consumers prefer the macabre, and there are plenty of lamps that target this audience nicely. Disturbing materials, or unearthly aesthetics, are enough to turn most people off, but there is a hardcore group that loves the weird and ghastly. Anyone who has a thrilling pumpkin-headed monster lamp is sure to be a hit at a holiday party, and what greater way to grace a doctor’s desk than a custom spine masterpiece.