My Space: 15 Creatively Painted High School Parking Spots

So custom-painted assigned high school senior parking spots are a thing now, and it appears students are expressing a LOT (ahem) of creativity.



The concept looks to be a win-win for both schools and students: the former collect fees for each space and nip parking spot rage in the bud; the latter get to be creative and take pride in their work. Take Martha Caldera’s take on Drake’s “If Youre Reading This Its Too Late” mixtape, which garnered her (and others as well) a measure of Twitter fame and thousands of shares.

States Caldera, “The only thing that’s going to motivate me to wake up for school tomorrow is pulling up in my parking spot.” One wonders if Drake – who played high school student Jimmy Brooks in Degrassi: The Next Generation – would approve.



Topics and themes for the parking spaces are pretty much left up to the individual students. Many choose to express their currents interests as illustrated by Reddit-user mrpopper96 above. Trends are fleeting, of course, but no worries since next year’s senior class simply paints over the work of their predecessors.

School Of Fish



This parking space may be slippery even when it’s NOT wet. We’re not sure what kind of car this student drives but please, please, please let it be the one in the second image.

Tread On Me


Jeep Patriot parking only? We’ve come a long way since Peter Fonda’s character was hassled for his Stars & Stripes motorcycle gas tank. We’d hassle the dude above over his spelling but hey, that’s the school’s job.

Reece Witherspot



When the Good Lord gives you lemons, make lemonade. When your parents name you “Reece“, well, see above. By the way, is that a space painted like a Rebel Flag just intruding into the top of the second photo? Who knows, Reece might go to Robert E. Lee High School.