Nesting Instinct: 15 Super-Stackable & Space-Saving Designs

nesting rek bookcase 2

Wouldn’t it be nice if practically everything we need in life nested together perfectly, like a set of Russian Matryoshka dolls? Imagine how much easier it would be to rearrange your house, pack up and move or just fit all your belongings into a compact living space. These nesting and stacking designs were made to expand and retract, from knife sets to entire bedrooms worth of furniture.

Modern Nesting Knife Set

nesting knife set 1

nesting knife set 2

A set of four knives by designer Mia Schmallenbach, from a paring knife to a carving knife, nestle within each other to save space. The ‘Meeting’ collection seems to be sculpted out of a single solid piece of steel when it’s all packed together, and “the proportions are determined by the Fibonacci sequence.”

Matrioshka Nesting Storage Units

nesting matrioshka storage 1

nesting matrioshka storage 2

nesting matrioshka storage 3

Six separate storage units nest within each other like Matrioshka dolls when empty in this set by TwentyTree which includes two wardrobes, three cabinets, two standalone drawers and two legs. The whole set is lightweight enough to pack up together tightly when moving.

Sliding Nest Shelf by Nendo

nesting nendo 3

nesting nendo 4

nesting nendo 1

Adapt your shelving to whatever wall-space-width you have available in a particular room with the Nest Shelf by Nendo, which seems to magically double in size. Extend it halfway and you’ll get a grid-style layout with nine cubbies.

Russian Doll Set of Kitchen Gadgets

nesting kitchen gadets 1

nesting kitchen gadtets 2

A sleek water bottle dubbed the Bin 8 breaks apart into a series of useful kitchen gadgets including a funnel, lemon juicer, egg masher, cheese grater, egg yolk separator, spice grater, measuring cup and lid grip for stubborn jars.

Entire Nesting Bedroom

nesting bedroom 1

nesting bedroom 2

It’s one thing for a set of knives or even cabinets to nest together neatly, but what about an entire bedroom? This clever set packs into an amazing 13 square feet, with a full-sized bed, corner couch, wardrobe, dining table, four stools and additional storage all fitting beneath a desk platform. The coffee table even expands upward into a dining table, and the stools and steps double as storage containers.