Nesting Instinct: 15 Super-Stackable & Space-Saving Designs

REK Expandable Bookcase

nesting rek bookcase 2

nesting rek bookcase 3

nesting rek bookcase 4

Another expanding design from Reinier de Jong, the REK Bookcase is able to grow along with your book collection, with zigzag-shaped parts sliding in and out to provide as much space as you need.

Collapsible Director’s Chair Set

nesting director chairs

nesting director chairs 2

Unlike most collapsible chairs, which still take up valuable space when not in use, this set of director’s chairs actually becomes something functional when it’s all closed up. The Com-Oda by Mr. Simon can either be a solid wood bench for two, or offer comfy individual seats for six.

Stellar Easistore Nesting Bakeware Set

nesting bakeware set

Open most people’s kitchen cabinets and you’ll find a jumble of pots, pans, racks and trays, requiring you to dig through a bunch of stuff to find anything. Why aren’t more sets designed as neatly as this one, which stacks a cooling rack, baking tray, baking sheet, muffin tin and roaster into one small package?

Obelisk of Patio Furniture

nesting obelisk

Four durable, weatherproof seats and a small table stack up into a towering obelisk when you don’t need them, saving space and protecting the cushions from wear, in this set by Dedon.

Stackable Robot Cars

nesting citycars 2

nesting citycars

Someday, even cars might be stackable. A group of researchers at MIT came up with a clever concept they call CityCars, in which compact two-passenger electric vehicles can be rented from a kiosk on demand as easily as bicycles or strollers. The rear wheels slide forward when the cars are queued up, allowing them to be stored almost vertically.