Nesting Instinct: 15 Super-Stackable & Space-Saving Designs

Copper Geometric Nesting Bowls

nesting copper bowls

nesting copper bowls 2

Eight waxed copper bowls fit together into a flower-like geometric arrangement, or they can be pulled apart and used separately. The decorative vessels can cradle objects like jewelry and knick-knacks, or appreciated as sculptural objects in their own right.

PUUR Magic Chair

nesting puur magic chair

Which chair size is just right for you? The PUUR Magic chair is four seats in one, each slightly smaller than the first for a set that’s especially fitting for families.

Nested Bunk Beds for Five

nested bunk beds 2

nesting bunk beds `

This award-winning space-saving bed system packs five mattresses on wheeled frames into a small space, making it easy to store them against the wall when not needed. Initially developed for a design competition calling for innovative solutions to sleep seven people in a small space, the beds are now in use at an AIDS orphanage in Wellington, South Africa.

REK Extending Coffee Table

nesting coffee table 3

nesting coffee table 1

nesting coffee table 2

Reinier de Jong’s REK table can transform from a compact cube to a maximum length of 67 inches, with built-in stops holding the extended sections in place. Each leaf pulls out in three directions for custom arrangements.

Stackable Nesting Bookcase

nesting stackable bookcase

Wouldn’t it be nice if all bookcases broke down as easily as this, so you could move them around the room or to a new residence whenever you felt like it? While most designs this clever are high dollar items, out of the reach of those of us living in urban apartment buildings sans elevators, this particular set was made for Target.