All Terrains: 3 Futuristic Land, Sea & Air E-Vehicle Designs

land sea air vehicles

This amazing all-terrain land variant is just the first of three compelling electric vehicles conceptualized with lightweight materials and green technologies and designed, respectively, for overground, aerial and underwater travel.

nimbus concept e car

nimbus offroad concept car

nimbus electric vehicle design

First of this series by Eduardo Galvani, the Nimbus features an electrical engine powered by a lithium-ion battery that works in parallel with a combustion micro-generator for recharging.

nimbus interior dashboard view

nimbus all terrain vehicle

nimbus on the road

Its structure is composed of carbon-fiber, titanium and aluminium, lightening its load. It also features rooftop solar cells and a regenerative brake mechanism helping it recover and save kinetic energy. Panoramic wraparound windows allow for views out in all directions, while key design elements are picked up in the dramatic sky and sea variants shown below.