All Terrains: 3 Futuristic Land, Sea & Air E-Vehicle Designs

manatee electric marin vehicle

manatee rear view

manatee vehicle design model

Finally, the Manatee is a conceptual submersible made for undersea discover, adventure and transportation. It is designed to hold 12 hours of air and dive to a depth of 30,000 feet.

manatee sea floor vision

manatee porthole ladder view

About its inspiration and intentions: “venturing into the depths of the oceans [has resulted in] significant technological and ecological discoveries … even today, only about 5% of the oceans have been explored by humans [yet] minimal resources are actually invested in this sector [compared to space].”

manatee design concept prototype

manatee underwater exploration vehicle

More on its technologies: “Manatee is a concept personal submersible vehicle idealized for safe and confortable subaquatic explorations. Its control system is based on a Main Joystick, from which operator can easily command the thrusters and helms for an accurate navigation, and a Touch Screen Control Panel running its Integrated Operational System (Manatee IOS) with access to Safe Redundant Navigation Commands, monitors and controls for Surface Communication, Oxygen and CO2 Levels/Ambience Climatization, External/Internal Lights, SONAR Activities, Infrared and Camera Visualizations/Recordings, Engine/Battery Status, and other basic monitors and controls, as Compass, Velocity, Water Alerts, Hydrogen, Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Depth, Pich, Roll, Heading, Altitude, Position (lat/long), Vertical Speed and more.”